varwhite shadow2 QUICKLIME

Quicklime is white porous substance (lumps), produced by full burning of limestone.

Chemical formula - CaO.

Molecular weight - 56,08.



  • In chenical industry for production of Calcium Carbide, Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC), pesticides, in laboratories etc.
  • In metallurgy as reagent for purifying of metals from impurity.
  • In ore dressing industry, in flotation and purifying of waste water.
  • In building, for production of slaked lime and hydrated lime.


We offer high quality Quicklime, prodused in our two lime kilns. They have been build according to Swiss project, with most modern technology of burning with fuel natural gas.

Technical specifications

characteristics unit value
 content of CaO % 93 ÷ 95
 content of MgO % 1,2
 content of Fe2O3 + Al2O3 % 1,0
 slake lime speed second 60 ÷ 90

EN 459-1 CL 90-Q

Packing in bulk.

The Material Safety Data Sheet of the product you can get from HERE.
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