cac2 white web CALCIUM CARBIDE

Calcium Carbide is solid crystal substance with brown-violet color. Contact with the air moisture decompresses it and the color changes to grey.

Chemical formula - CaC2

Molecular weight - 64.10




  • For porduction of acetylene gas, used for welding and.
  • As a raw material for production of organic compounds.
  • In metallurgy for desulphurization.


Technical specification:

We offer the following fractions (sizes) Calcium Carbide:

fraction, mm acetilene yield, lg/kg (±5%)
50/80 280
25/50 280
4/25 260
0.8/4 application in metallurgy

Acetylene gas contents 0.06 volume percentage phosphide and 0.10 volume percentage hydrogen sulphide.

The pictures of fractions you can see here: 50/80mm, 25/50mm, 4/25mm, 0.8/4mm.

Packing in metal drums, 100 kg net weight and 105 kg gross weight.

The Material Safety Data Sheet of the product you can get from HERE.
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