gv white web SLACKED LIME FINE

Slacked Lime is substance with plastic consistence, produced from Quicklime slacking with excess of water.

Chemical formula - Ca(OH)2.





  • In building industry for inner and outher painting, ground coat, for production of high quality lime solutions.
  • In agroculture for making of desinfection solutions. It can be used without filtrating becouse of exclusive finess of particles.



Fine Slacked Lime produced by Calcit JSC became a trade mark and standard of high quality on the building market during the past years. It is prodused in our firm by unique technology which is a result of our long-lived experience in lime production. Perfect whitness, excellent plastic properties, size of particles 100% above 100 microns and reliable packing stengthened our product in Bulgaria and on the international market.

Technical specifications:

characteristics value
 content Ca(OH)2
 size of particles 100% up to 100 microns

BDS EN 459-1 CL 90-S PL

Packing in polyethylene bags 10 kg net weight in metal containers.

The Material Safety Data Sheet of the product you can get from HERE.
You can open the document with Adobe Acrobat Reader.